architectural plan graphics, from CAD to eye candy

CAD EYE CANDY   Each day there’s at least one thing that I work on and think, wow this is a pretty cool part of my job.  Today, that thing is a plan graphic for one of our buildings in … Continue reading

We Are...

Collaborators. A team of architectural designers who know our clients have great ideas. We work with people to make their joy physical.

We listen well, and clients tell us what’s important. If it’s designed correctly, it just feels right. Sure, we have to weigh budget and time constraints. But in the end, it’s about doing what we love and creating something together that everyone is excited about.

Some people will love what we do, some people won’t. But we haven't done our job if people don’t notice it.

Look Ma!






We have fun being creative, and our clients get excited about the process. I keep a mental library, always looking when I travel, of ideas, of shape and form.

We interview the client to find out their needs, then sketch out the functional needs, space by space. We start to see how these spaces work with each other. Form follows function. We work from the inside out. If it doesn’t work, pretty doesn’t matter.

The spaces drive the artistic expression, but there’s often something creatively unexpected that happens, that pushes the envelope.

We present dozens of different ideas, and it clicks with the client. Then everyone is excited by the result.